ESET antivirus |Reasons to buy Eset

Today I want to tell you eset antivirus is not the best antivirus in the world.
There is no exact comparison between antiviruses.
AS you have seen in websites that compare all antiviruses, there so many results. In one site ESET has the third place and on the other for example in the 5th place.
However, this year(2020), no website considers it as the best antivirus but is assured that in all sites ESET is in the top 10 antiviruses.
Indeed, as I see on websites and what I think about ESET is the user interface of it.
I have tested the top 10 antiviruses like Bitdefender, Avast, Kaspersky,… but the thing that makes the difference between ESET and other antiviruses is that you can use it simply.
All features in its app are apparent, and you don’t need to read documents or have a fear of what will happen if I click on this button.
Absolutely all of these antiviruses protect you from trojans, malware, viruses and other harmful things for your PC or mobile phone.
Here you can see that Eset products like Eset internet security won the VB100 award through virusbulletin tests.
Don’t worry about new viruses, ESET constantly update itself if you have an original one.
One of the important things that make some people not to use antiviruses is that they slow down your system.
So if you tested Bitdefender or Kaspersky before, maybe it is evident for you that they slow down your computer.
It shows itself obviously when you want to power on your computer.
So what’s the solution?
just use ESET it’s a fast antivirus, of course after webrobot(I can’t deny that it’s the lightest and fastest antivirus in the world).
Here in iESET you can buy eset licenses for all devices for the lowest price.

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