Excluding Files or Folders From ESET Internet Security scan

Excluding a file or folder from ESET enable you to exclude them from scanning.

To ensure maximum security on your computer, we only recommend creating exclusions when it is necessary. However, in some situations, you need to exclude an object, for example, large database entries that scanning them would slow your computer or software that conflicts with the scan.

In this guide we will show you:

  • Exclude specific applications or folders from Real-time file system protection and all scan activity (Startup scan, On-access scanning, etc.)

In the main program window, press the F5 key, which opens the Advanced setup window.

There is also another way to open the Advanced setup window:
In the main program window, click on the Setup option.

In the setup menu, click on the Advanced setup option.

Scroll down to the bottom.

Click on the EXCLUSIONS drop-down menu.

Click on the Edit option in front of performance exclusions.

Click on the Add button.

You can add your desired path here.
Do not forget to add the asterisk (*) at the end of the path.
For example, C:\Program Files\ESET\*

You can also click on Browse “…” and Use the directory tree to browse for the file or folder you want to exclude.

After selecting your desired folder or file, click OK.

Click OK button.

In the previous window press the OK button again.

In the previous window press the OK button again.

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